Why visit Etna? 5 good reasons to discover the Sicilian volcano

If you ask a Sicilian “Why visit Etna?” You will probably make him smile;
This is because there are so many good reasons to visit Sicily’s most famous volcano that those who experience it could start an almost endless list.

In today’s article I decided to tell you five excellent reasons to discover mamma Etna as soon as possible.


The volcano of records!

Let’s start with the first reason why Etna should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

This volcano boasts several primates in its palmares, the best known of all, probably, is the one that sees it position itself as the highest active volcano on the Eurasian plate.

Here Etna becomes an experience absolutely not to be missed for all travelers who want to visit as many volcanoes as possible in their life, starting from those that hold a record.

The same can be said for those who are passionate about records and chase those places in the world that hold at least one.

For this type of enthusiast, Etna is certainly a must, given the many records and the many known uniquenesses.


Etna is not just a place…

One of the things that most intrigues travelers from all over the world is the possibility of getting in touch with the true essence of the place they choose for their experience.
In fact, traveling does not just mean looking but immersing yourself in a complete experience.

This is why those looking for a real journey, which leaves indelible memories in their minds, see Etna as an obligatory stop on their journey.

‘A muntagna, its inhabitants know it well, has a strong and decisive character that shines through from every place and from every story that concerns it.

Its character influences the people who live there and who learn something more every day about what it means to live with a marvel of nature that seems to have its own will and soul.

If this were not enough, on the slopes of Etna it is possible to savor local products born of a land and a process that is unique in the world, which will give the intrepid traveler an unforgettable food and wine experience for years to come.


There are those who travel with the mind…

There are those who travel with the mind, there are those who travel with the heart and there are those who travel with the camera!

Seriously, for photography enthusiasts who want to capture the soul of the place in the best possible way, who are always looking for the best panorama or the best observation point, Etna is perfect.

The third reason therefore why it is really worth visiting Etna is precisely the possibility of taking unique photos, being able to take advantage of the highest observation points in all of Sicily.

The views that can be enjoyed at the altitudes offered by the volcano allow you to photograph scenarios that are closed to those who do not go so high.

Let’s not forget, however, that in addition to providing excellent observation points, Etna is itself a marvel to be photographed, capable of offering changing scenarios based on the altitude, the slope or the season chosen for this journey of discovery.


Etna is culture

Every lover of ancient and non-ancient culture and literature should climb up to the top of Mongibello, not only to enjoy the inspiration that would reach them here, but also to let themselves be told about the myths associated with it.

Among the most famous are those that concern his birth, which took place during the war between the Gods of Olympus and the Giants, the famous Gigantomachy, or those that tell that the Etna eruptions are none other than the angry screams of the Giant Enceladus , who, buried under the weight of Sicily, quivers with rage throwing flames from his mouth.

Even one of the most famous ancient works ever sees Etna as the protagonist in one of its parts.

In the Odyssey, which tells the story of the courageous Ulysses, it is told of the meeting of the commander with the Giant Polyphemus, famous for his monocle.

According to studies, the whole story took place right on the slopes of Etna and ended in Aci Trezza, where the boulders that the Giant threw in an attempt to sink Ulysses’ ship are still visible today.
These boulders are known today as the stacks of Aci Trezza.


The incredible Etna eruptions

The last reason I chose to share in this article is perhaps one of the most inspiring.

Taking care to keep yourself informed about its eruptive phases and with a little luck, there is the possibility of being accompanied on an excursion (by a specialized guide), who will be able to take you to observation points where, throughout safety, you will be able to witness the spectacular eruptions of this magnificent Italian heritage.

Etna’s eruptions are not predictable but our volcano is one of the most active in the world and when it enters one of its eruptive phases, it often does so for several days or more, giving time to those who keep themselves informed about it, to plan an excursion with a guide specialized in Etna tours.

The best show you can watch is the one that catapults you into an evening/nocturnal eruption, where the darkness of the night is broken by the bright orange color of the lava, with the voice of the volcano surrounding this truly evocative and one in a kind.


Reasons to visit Etna – Conclusion

There are still many, many reasons to visit our volcano and I stopped just not to make the article too long.

For more than twenty years I have been accompanying people from all over the world to discover Etna, but seeing on their faces the wonder that our volcano can give fills me with joy every time as if it were the first.

If you too want to experience an unforgettable journey of discovery, choose one of my tours or contact me for a personalized experience.