About Us

For over 20 years we have been bringing travelers from all over the world to discover mother Etna and the wonders that surround it. We offer guaranteed tours created with great professionalism by specialized and competent guides, to let you experience Etna with high safety standards.

The reasons to choose our company

Choosing Geo Etna Explorer means relying on expert guides who know the volcano and everything that surrounds it.
You will be able to live an unforgettable experience, treating yourself to breathtaking photos and videos without sacrificing comfort, thanks to our vehicles (4×4 SUVs and 4×4 minivans) equipped with all the necessary comforts.

Our Story

Geo Etna Explorer was born in Catania in 1999 from the idea of some hikers and speleologists who have made their passion and experience a job.
Over the years and thanks to the increase in customers, the possibility of renting the equipment necessary for excursions and tours on Etna has been introduced, saving time and additional baggage costs on the plane.

Etna excursion group photo with Geo Etna Explorer

About us

“It was my first time doing such a tour and I was very satisfied.”

“The guide, very kind and helpful, showed us unique panoramas and with simple language told us things that I didn’t even imagine there were on Etna.”

“In Italy we are lucky to have a marvel like this volcano…”

“Years ago I tried to visit it with a friend, and years later I returned, this time with a guided tour. I must say that there is no comparison… I respect the things you can see and understand by yourself. Thanks again to our guide who is been fantastic.”

“We wanted to surprise our son who is undecided whether to be a volcanologist or a naturalist when he grows up, we bought a private tour on Etna just for our family. We chose the day and time of departure and we also agreed the itinerary together with Geo Etna Explorer.
It was a magnificent adventure, our son’s eyes shone with happiness, on Etna, and even our daughter who doesn’t like walking very much, she had so much fun! Super Recommended!”