Are you planning a visit to Etna or would you like to know how to do it? Then this article is for you!

Today I will answer some of the most common questions that those who want to hike on Etna ask themselves:

– is it better to visit Etna alone or with a guided tour?
– Which excursion on Etna to choose?
– What is the best guided tour on Etna?

If you too are curious to get an answer to these questions, you just have to continue reading!


Visiting Etna alone or with an expert guide?

This very common question is answered based on another question you need to ask yourself:
With what objective do I want to visit Etna?

If the answer is “I just want to take a walk on the highest active volcano in Europe” then it’s perfectly fine to visit Etna alone or with whoever you want, without having to rely on a tour guide.

Obviously, taking an excursion on such a high and dynamic active volcano still requires organization, so you will have to prepare yourself properly, choosing the right time of day, the correct clothing and informing yourself on specialized sites to obtain precise information on the activity status of the volcano. Etna.

If your answer to the previous question is “I want to discover as much as possible about Etna and its park” then the best solution is to entrust yourself to an expert guide who, in addition to providing you with all the necessary information about how to dress for the tour on Etna, will perfectly know all the best routes to let you discover this marvel, as well as always being updated on seismic and volcanic activity.

At this point, if you have decided that you want to have a more complete, dynamic and safe experience, the question that will come to your mind will be: Which excursion on Etna to do?

To answer this question, I’ll give you an example of three guided tours on Etna that we offer, to help you understand the difference between the various options and provide you with more information to figure out which excursion to take, based on your preferences.


Etna excursion: which one to choose?

The simplest Etna experience: Etna Explorer 2.000m

The Etna Explorer 2,000m tour is the most complete and suitable for those who want to get to know the suggestive places of the volcano.
The duration is half a day, from approximately 9:00 to 14:00 and the pick up is available from different locations, including Catania, Acitrezza, Acireale, Zafferana, Giarre, Giardini Naxos and Taormina.

This excursion is easy and suitable for everyone, and will take you to visit renowned inactive craters at around 2,000m with a breathtaking panorama and expanses of volcanic sand. You will also be able to admire the “dagala”, an island of vegetation surrounded by dark lava flows, the ancient “pahoehoe” and “aa” type lavas and, finally, you will visit a suggestive volcanic tunnel to discover the bowels of Etna.

The most adventurous excursion: Etna 3.000m Experience

The Etna 3.000m Experience tour is suitable for those who want to have a more adventurous experience and reach the highest altitudes of the volcano.
Here too the duration is half a day, from 9:00 to about 14:00 with pick up from Catania, Acitrezza, Acireale, Zafferana, Giarre, Giardini Naxos and Taormina.

The excursion includes the cable car service up to 2,500 m in addition to the experience on a 24-seater 4×4 bus vehicle that will take us up to approximately 3,000 m.
(The altitude reached could vary daily according to meteorological and volcanic conditions).

To climb to the top of Etna, the assistance of an expert mountain guide is mandatory, who will support us for the entire time we stay on top.
During this experience you will be able to admire suggestive expanses of volcanic sand, the “dagala”, an island of vegetation surrounded by solidified lava flows, and observe Sicily and Calabria from the highest observation point of the whole island, which will offer you breathtaking on Etna and on everything you can reach with your gaze.

The customizable and complete tour: Etna Private Tour

The private tour on Etna (called Etna Private) is the best solution for those who want to personalize their tour and enjoy an exclusive experience.
The duration is half a day, but the duration of the excursion can also be customized for this tour.
Pickup is available from the cities we have already seen in the other tours, Catania, Acitrezza, Acireale, Zafferana, Giarre, Giardini Naxos, Taormina and Nicolosi plus many others, in order to offer you maximum customization and convenience.

The excursion is private and includes an expert and qualified guide completely at your disposal who can use a modern 4×4 minivan or an SUV, equipped with all the necessary comforts, as well as, of course, licenses and specific insurance policies.

You can choose to visit the most beautiful and fascinating places of the Etna Park, declared a UNESCO heritage site since 2013, starting from the slopes of the volcano until you reach the desired stop.
Furthermore, you can add extra services to your private tour, such as reaching the area located at about 3,000 m, a guided tour of Taormina or Giardini Naxos, a visit to a cellar specializing in the production of fine Etna wines, complete with wine tasting, or you can opt for a lunch to discover the best local products.


What is the best tour on Etna?

As you will have understood, there are several options, so the choice of tour depends on your needs and the type of experience you want to have on Etna.

– If you want an easy and complete excursion, choose Etna Explorer 2.000m.
– If you want to reach higher altitudes and have an adventurous experience, choose Etna 3.000m Experience.
– If you want to personalize your tour and live an exclusive experience, choose Private Etna Tour.

In any case, regardless of the excursion you choose, you will be accompanied by expert and qualified guides, who will let you discover the secrets of the highest volcano in Europe, they will tell you its history and let you live a unique and unforgettable experience.

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