Etna, This majestic Sicilian giant is not only a natural wonder, but it is also an amazing culinary destination for local indigenous products.
If during your experience discovering Etna and Sicily you are also looking for gastronomic delights and local products, you are in the right place!

Here on the slopes of Etna, you can taste a wide range of native specialties that will make your trip even more memorable and, relying on an expert Etna guide, you can combine the experience on the highest active volcano in Europe with the discovery of pearls typical cuisine of this area.



Bronte Pistachio

Considered the best pistachio in the world, the Bronte pistachio is grown on the slopes of Etna and is a key ingredient in many Sicilian dishes.

Its more elongated shape, bright green color and sweeter flavor than the common pistachio make it a unique firstfruit on an international level.

You can taste the Bronte Pistachio in fresh ice cream, in typical sweets, in artisanal biscuits, in pesto and in many other local dishes that use the Bronte Pistachio as the main ingredient or as a garnish to further enrich the delicacies prepared with love.

Etna wine

The Etna region is famous for the production of fine wines!

The vineyards that grow in the Etna area, where the volcanic soil is rich in minerals and the cool climate, create an ideal environment for the production of high quality wines that incorporate characteristic aromas, donated by the peculiar soil from which they originate.
Don’t miss the opportunity to taste one (or more glasses) of the typical wines of Etna in one of its historic cellars.


Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Thanks to Etna’s mild climate, the region is known for its fresh and delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables.

You can taste Sicilian oranges, lemons, tangerines, cherries, figs, strawberries, aubergines, tomatoes and local courgettes, without forgetting to try the food products elaborated starting from these tasty raw materials.

Cheeses and cold cuts

The Etna region also produces high quality cheeses and cured meats, thanks to traditional production techniques.

Sicilian pecorino, ricotta, caciocavallo and local salami are just some of the specialties that we recommend you try but we assure you that you will be able to taste much more, perhaps by tasting one of the Etna wines in the bars that dot the magnificent Catania.

Traditional sweets

Traditional Sicilian and Catania sweets are a must for all those with a sweet tooth!

You absolutely must try the cannoli that they prepare on the slopes of Etna, the cassata made with fresh ricotta, the biscuits made with almond paste, the Catania granita and the brioche with Bronte pistachio ice cream.


What to do in Catania and on the slopes of Etna: Taste the local products

Perhaps we have made your mouth water but we would like to let you know that there are still many specialties that enrich the Catane area and the slopes of Etna, which we have not mentioned.

To discover them all (or at least try) we advise you to plan your experience starting from Catania and reaching the top of Etna!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the highest active volcano in Europe and to discover the local indigenous products during a guided tour, you will take away many wonderful memories and let you taste some of the taste of Sicily at home.